We take you to the most astonishing places in the arctic circle.

PROFESSIONALly guided tours in the Tromsø region

Have you ever wanted to experience the fantastic winter above the arctic circle? Do you want to discover the silent magic of the Nowegian winter season? Maybe you want to meet up with the famous Aurora Borealis? We can provide both a beautiful trip with you’re very own dogsled, or an amazing snowmobile experience. Are you ready?

This is what we offer

Tours in the arctic area



Boat Rental

E-Bike Rental

We are a family business


Activenorth´s people are a family of five. We live in Skibotn, where we have built our own house, and the dog kennel, on Tomas family farm.

We started with one dog named Grace in 2007, now we have around 30 dogs. We been driving dogs with tourists since 2008, but this year we are making a new beginning in our own backyard. During the years of dogmushing we have raced the world longest 8 dog race, 9 times. We been racing in Finland, Sweeden and on the border to Russia. The fantastic dogs have never failed to go, during blizzards, 45 degrees below, bad trails and whiteouts. The dogs are our family project, and the kids are always included when we are racing.  



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