Hunting the northern lights on a sled

Have you ever dreamt of mushing your very own husky team in the Norwegian wilderness?

The Alaskan Huskys will great you with excited barking and friendly attitude, willingly pulling the sled into the valley of Skibotn. We will travel through the pine tree wood and into the beautiful white mountains. We will have a perfect view to the extraordinary mountain range, The Lyngen Alps.


01 December – 31 March 



4,5 hr in Skibotn (Dressing up, go to the the dogs, instructions, approxeamently 1 hr 30 min dog sledding, lunch and relaxing.)



English-speaking guide, winter overall suit, boots, mittens, hat, headlamp, hot meal and hot drinks



Evening 19:00-23:00 from NOK 3095,- per. person incl. transport. Meeting point Scandic Ishavshotel Tromsø at 16:50.

Departure from Tromsø 17:00

Departure from Skibotn 23:00

Without transport from from NOK 2795,- per.person

Children age 5-12 half price